We’re. Moving. To. Africa.

Hey, guys, we’re moving to Africa. No, I mean, like seriously. Like…TOMORROW. YIKES.

As proof that we’re for real:


O. MY. GOSH. Remember when it was something out there in the future? Something we were just talking about. But, oh, no. We couldn’t be those people who just talk about it. NO. We had to be those people who actually DO IT. So we are. Tomorrow.

That is, if I can get my suitcases packed. Because the thing is, everything in this apartment has to GO or get thrown away. And you all know how I hate throwing things away. And you know how people (well, some people,) tend to collect things…

And you know I’ll probably find out I don’t need half of all I’m trying to pack:


But seriously, it’s been a fantastic seventy days here in DC, and I have some great memories to take with me as I journey onward. The training has been overwhelming at times, but I’ve learned more in these two and a half months than I’ve learned in a very long time.

But as always, the best part of the experience has been the people. I’m very thankful that I had the opportunity to spend loads of time with these guys:


These are my great nephews (some of you may remember them from Camp Babette and the forgotten tent fame) and my great niece, and their nanny, Jacky. It’s been such a blessing to have this time with them and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. (Oh, and their parents, too.)

And even Megan got to get in on some of the fun during her weekend visit here!!


And I’m so thankful to have spent every Sunday at Portico Church Arlington with Elizabeth and Nate Wagner. I’ll miss them terribly. I hate good-byes.

And a huge part of my time here in DC was spent with the other seventy-one members of the 132nd Foreign Service Specialists class. Since I am the first one of us to head out to post, many will be watching this space expectantly, watching and waiting to hear what it’s actually like to finally PCS!!! (State Department lingo for Permanent Change of Station–i.e., GET TO POST!!!) I’m planning to record some frequent shorts to capture the magic of first impressions, so stay tuned! (And sign up for email alerts on the right hand side of the page. If you did it before and aren’t receiving updates, try again. It wasn’t working properly before but is fixed now.)

And with that, I’ll bid you all a fond au revoir and see you all next time from the other side of the pond.

PS For those of you keeping score, I still haven’t recorded my very personal hopes and dreams post. Maybe next time…


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  1. Prayer going up from Tomball on your behalf! We can’t wait to hear about the new place/assignment and life there in Burundi!! Dori and John

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