And the winner is…

Not that I want to be accused of being like that elementary school soccer team where everyone who shows up gets a trophy, but we have lots of winners here!


Felicidades to every one who entered!  As of this writing, just over 24 hours after posting the contest, we’ve had 37 contestants with 47 different guesses and many repeats. Three cities tied for second place with four guesses each: Reykjavik, Budapest, and Buenos Aires, but interestingly, the city with the most guesses-6-was actually correct. Either I have some clever friends or my hints were too good.

Felicidades to everyone who correctly identified an -est.

And felicidades to the following random winners of various side categories:

Miranda King for submitting the first vote! Way to be on top of things, Miranda. (Or to be on FB while at work.)

Ian McQueen for submitting the first -est.

Molly and Ian for the most descriptive -est: Asunción-“the arm-pittiest”.

Lia Stone for the most entries at ten. Quantity over quality, right, Hunter?

Mark Griffith for submitting the most heartfelt and well thought out rationale.

And Christina St. Michel for being the saddest that we’re leaving Africa. I’ll still be here another six months, so maybe we can still see each other!!

And here’s your very last hint:

Bolivia waving flag

However, this hint is not as clear cut as it might seem. The country represented by this flag, like many countries (15 according to the googles), has more than one capital.

Drum roll, please.

Felicidades to Jared King, Andy Jacob, Hannah Eagleton, Becky Baskin, Jon Hood, and Justin Belk who put together all the hints to correctly guess

La Paz


We’re going to La Paz, y’all! The highest national capital in the world at roughly 11,975 feet above sea level. (Much like the source of the Nile, this -est is disputed, as some people say La Paz isn’t a capital–Sucre is–and gives the honors to Quito at a mere 9,350′.)

Thanks, everyone, for playing. It was fun to see all the guesses and all the -ests. That was definitely the most popular clue.

And here are some reasons I’m excited about our new post:

  1. First and foremost, because it was Randy’s first choice. After being such a good sport (most of the time) during the past two years, I’m so pleased he got his wishes.
  2. And following as a close second, I think the job itself is going to be great. I’ve heard nothing but good from the person there now. I think it will be interesting and challenging, but a little less stressful than Bujumbura. (Ha–almost anything would be less stressful than Buj right now.)
  3. Spanish! Randy promised he’d learn. Donde esta la tortuga, right, Ian? L’addition, por favor.
  4. It looks beautiful! And there’s no malaria!! And it’s not hot!!
  5. We’ll be a little bit closer to home and 1-3 time zones away instead of 7-9.
  6. People might come visit!!
  7. I’ve never been to South America and there are so many things I want to see and do there–Lake Titicaca, Machu Picchu, Cusco and the Galapagos Islands, Quito, Patagonia…and all the local treasures I don’t even know about. And people might come visit. Oh, did I mention that already?
  8. I think it will be interesting politically and diplomatically, but again, a little less “interesting” than Burundi is at the moment!

Only fitting. We’re going from The Buj to The Peace.

And total extra points to anyone who identified the hidden clue in the very last line of the hints post. Be honest; did anyone get it?

Peace out and start planning your visit! ETA should be around August 2016, give or take.


3 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. You will love South America. The people are kind , courious, and gentle. Our son Seth spent 2 years in Ecuador. We visited and want to go back. Love the people. I imagine the people of Bolivia are the same.

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